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Located near the University Town of Shenzhen, surrounded by dozens of HighTech industry development parks, Triyia Technology Ltd, a former semiconductor analysis and consultant company, a leading FIB Focused Ion Beam & SEM Scanned Electron Microscope lab service provider dedicated to semiconductor technology for nanoelectronics, is a well established research and development partner for industry and public institutions.

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MCU Cross Section Failure Analysis


Cause We Have Tea

Yes! Whenever you come, we always have tea ready to serve, because Confucius saying "a friend coming from afar, how happy we are!" it is our mentality, we love to meet you here, with our combined experience of more than 40 years in the reverse engineering business, we are sure the outcome will be more delightful.

Or you do not have to come, because our years of experience serving the international partners in the semiconductor sector around the world, we know many of chips inside out, we can have seamless cooperation with you, just give us your FIB or SEM project, we accomplish the mission perfectly the same as you come, after you succeed in your business, tea will be served whenever you come, you will be our delightful friend, because we do warm business. Tea is nothing about technology, it's about people having it.

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Chemical & Laser Decap

Package decap. for removing the plastic molding compound and exposing the silicon die, while keeping wires and other Cu or gold conductors intact to preserve chip function. We also can do die removal from a package. Chemical Etching Services Jet etching Manual cavity etching Total package removal Laser Decap. Services

Wafer Delayer & Microphoto

Integrated circuit teardown service make heavy use of the deprocessing, cross-sectioning, and electron microscopy. Applications including circuit extraction and reverse engineering of obsolete parts, identifying patent infringement, gathering competitive intelligence in preparation for new product launches

FIB Circuit Modification

Focused Ion Beam (FIB) circuit editing services to optimize the IC design. Advanced FEI-IET FIB system can obtain excellent resolution images of metal layers which helps to give a successful circuit edits including design analysis, modification, design debugging, design verification and Circuit isolation

Cross Section Failure Analysis

Failure analysis plays a key role in improving products quality by determining the root cause of failure and working out the means for correcting and preventing current or future problems. Local cross sectioning, depassivation, and in situ secondary electron inspection identifies the nature of failure such as voids, cracks and particles.

Rapid IC Prototyping

Prototype microelectronic designs are used in functional testing, verification of the specification and for evaluating designs. We support you in processing nanosized structures to get designs such as contacts, vias, poly, diffusion etc., and offer low-cost ASIC prototypes. Individual customer designs are pooled together and then manufactured.

Reverse Engineering Consult

With our years of experience in the FIB & SEM industry, working with design firms, reverse engineering companies, high-tech solution experts and universities, We have connections with almost the whole industry, if you have any needs, we can give you reverse engineer advise for free, just hope we can help in some way.

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